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Welcome. (Since I don't have my guest comments sign-in book running, drop me an e-mail <ben> if you like.)

My side career as a staff member of UCSD's best department. If you're interested in the coolest class on campus, I get to teach it.

Yes its true! UCSD offers a workshop titled "Under Water Basket Weaving" through the Rec Class department. I am thrilled to be chosen as the "adjunct professor" for this course. It's quite the honor as you might imagine.

The workshop will be held on April 22nd, 2018. See page ?? of the Spring UCSD Recreation Class catalog. Or on line search for "basketweaving".
If you want to sign up and you're told the class is full, ask to be put on the waiting list or just show up on the day of the class and you'll be able to crash it.

This course is usually only offered in the spring quarter. Its held on a weekend morning in the jacuzzi or on the shallow end stairs of the pool (depending on weather). It takes just an hour and a half to complete and they provide all the materials to make a basket. The "lecture and lab" is 11am-12:30pm. The date is a weekend or two before Mother's Day (hint, hint).

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